Breaking ground! Unbelievable. Beautiful. Scary. Why does something so crazy, so out of character, feel so perfect? All of the heartache, the worry, the stress… seems so worth it. Have you ever been to a place that stilled your soul? That is what this place does for us. No, not the place, the promise being fulfilled. We always saw this future, but never knew how to get there. Every step has been a struggle, but there was never a question of our “true north”.
Several times a week some crisis threatens our sanity. This is how our dream came to be known as The Funny Farm. Driving while arguing with someone about some aspect of this process, with the kids in the car, I mumbled “this is gonna put me in the funny farm”. Laughter erupted from the back seat and the name was born. It’s perfect really…to everyone else it seems insane, the entire ordeal could possibly drive us crazy, and yet we don’t really care. Living with a dream that doesn’t really seem to be yours, but more from God for you is terrifying. Having God deliver the dream is awe-inspiring…and terrifying. With every crisis comes the thought, “how many ways can I screw this up?” Then comes the shaky surrender, “God will work it out.” And He does…every time. The path to the success can never be traced, it just happens.