Burial site? Religious ritual? Magical conduit? Alien encounter?



Can’t you hear it? “Hargarath! When are you going to finish this mammoth barn anyway? Why can’t you just make it with lumber like everyone else?”

Yep. Barn.

I know ’cause I have one beside my house. A strange grouping of unusual materials in an unexpected place. We get lots of cars stopping at the front of our property to stare.


Forms and shed poles.

Maybe we could charge a fee. Better yet, wait a few generations and make up some crazy story, then charge a lot of money for photos.

Something tells me I won’t be able to keep Hubs and Oldest from finishing the structure.

No matter how long it takes.

All kidding aside, their hard work has been pretty impressive. Hubs cut down the trees that serve as the posts. Oldest welded the rebar cages for the concrete forms.


Forms before concrete.

Wait, can I count that as a homeschool class?

The guys have chainsawed, drilled, hammered, lugged, pulled and climbed halfway to victory. The plan is to have the structure under roof by Christmas.


All the poles are in and are getting connected.


The barn will be 2 1/2 stories. After the roof is on, the excavation of the basement stalls will commence. The first loft is floored while the second loft is framed.

Fingers crossed:)


Looking at the barn from the side. The upper loft is is half floored. The picture is taken from our upper back deck, so look at the 8-foot-ladder at the base of the barn to see the true height. The top of the concrete forms will be the true concrete floor when the dirt-work is done.