“Well you know what they say, crap or get out of the kitchen.”

I stared at Hubs for a whole second before my brain deciphered what he said. “That’s not what they say! The saying is, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


When I was finally able to breathe normally, without falling into a fit of giggles, the hilarious exchange stayed with me. What if you weren’t a native English speaker and were bombarded with the plethora of idioms that we use in America? Worse yet, what if the people you met kept mixing them up?

By the skin of your teeth + Go the extra mile = Go the extra skin of your teeth.

 Once in a blue moon + Go down in flames = Once in flames.

Sitting on the fence + Feeling under the weather = Sitting under the weather.

Let the chips fall where they may + Come out swinging = Let the chips come out swinging.

I could go on for hours folks. But I won’t ’cause I know you’ll never come back.

But if you and a group of friends are bored on a Friday night, head over to knowyourphrase.com and make up your own idiom game by printing out common idioms and phrases, cutting them in half, and mixing them up.

Throw in the towel + Roll with the punches = Throw in the punches.

Curiosity killed the cat + Barking up the wrong tree = Curiosity killed the wrong tree.

It just never gets old …