Our oldest son turned nineteen in June and bought his first house in August.

A house on wheels.

The idea is that he can take his house with him to college, internships, and even his first job. The problem? College students are not known for having much money and our son is no different. He spent most of his meager savings on his travel trailer and it still needed to be pushed off a cliff a lot of TLC.

Dreams of a fresh coat of paint were replaced with the reality of roof repair, replacing the water heater, installing a new sub-floor, replacing corner braces, all new plumbing and all new wiring.

Welcome to home ownership.

For the last month, we’ve endured demo mode in 100-degree heat. This past weekend we finally turned the corner and started putting things back into the trailer. Oldest seems more hopeful.

Probably because he won’t fall through the floor when walking from the bed to the shower.

You know you’ve reached adulthood when you are learning how to rewire your house at the same time you are studying for a Calculus test.

The plan is to have the trailer completely remodeled by the time Oldest transfers to Texas Tech in January. Stay tuned to see if we make it!