The good news?
The inside of the greenhouse is finally done.
The bad news?
It’s too hot to plant anything inside of it.
You’d think between the clearing, homeschooling, writing, gardening, cooking, cleaning, and woodpiling that I would have found more time to get it finished before spring officially sprung.
Sadly, no.
Thanks to my boys, who shoveled most of the dirt over a three week period, I can mark that project off the list and move on to one of the thirty others waiting for me.

The pictures just don’t show how big these beds really are. I have to climb on the dirt on my hands and knees to reach the back wall.

We fashioned built in beds like the ones featured on Ana White’s website. Our modifications included:

  • Treating the interior wood to prevent termites.
  • Chicken wire was laid over the grass to thwart burrowing animals.
  • A layer of cardboard covers the chicken wire to thwart the hardy Texas weeds.
While I have found scorpions, I haven’t found any snakes in the greenhouse. *fist pump*    
  • The bed walls are crafted out of galvanized metal instead of plywood…again to prevent the termites.
  • We mixed the remnants of our burn pile with dirt and horse manure (donated by a neighbor who was all too happy to be rid of it) to create an indoor compost pile of sorts.
  • We cut a window in the back wall so that we can remove the plastic to cool it down in the summer. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure you could decompose dead bodies in there during the summer. Living bodies for that matter … it gets that hot.
    The beds are huge! The walkway and doorway are just wide enough to fit a wheelbarrow inside. The funky trapezoid in the back wall is the removable window.