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I Know What You Did Last Night

You never know what you will come home to after a long evening amongst the people of Walmart. Usually, it’s kids up way past their bedtime who haven’t been fed or taken showers and forgot that the family room is not the floor of their closet. Children whose daddy has a convenient shop in the basement where he can hide from such horrors until momma comes home.
On my last trip for milk and bread, I opened the secondary refrigerator in the basement to put away the milk and found a surprise.
Only, it hadn’t been cooked. Or cleaned. Or skinned.
But hey, as the man of the house said, “It’s dead ain’t it?”
Imagine my shock as I peeked inside the mysterious cooler residing in my fridge and found…

Hey, what’s in the cooler Babe?      
Forget I asked…

Turns out, Andy had been doing some target practice in the back pasture and the little guy hopped in front of the target. Why shoot at pretend animals when you can shoot a real one! Only, those of you who know my brilliant husband also know that he is a tad bit squeamish.
As in he faints at the sight of blood.
So guess why the rabbit was in the refrigerator? He thought he could talk yours truly into turning the dead rabbit into yummy stew. Only, he shot the only part you can actually eat.
So Andy’s surprise hunting trip turns into snack time for our dog Missy and the local coyotes get leftovers!

Thanks guys!

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  1. Hey, he did label the cooler "hopper" – so that shoulda been a hint. 😉

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