No, the kitten did not just walk over the keyboard as I was trying to type Prada. Our small town hosted a parade, with floats and the marching band, just for me!
And 2,000 other people….
The parade was originally suposed to take place the Saturday before but God intervened by sending wet weather and freezing temperatures so that it had to be rescheduled.
He’s so thoughtful.
As the boys and I stood at the edge of street, down the first leg of the parade route, I tried to explain to Ian that we were braving 40 degree temps for my personal parade. The look on his little face was priceless… he was so happy for me.
It took a full 14 seconds for him to say, “But I didn’t get a parade for my birthday.”
For those 14 seconds…I was the center of the universe.
A new record.
It’s not always easy being the only girl in a house of boys. If something pink arrives in the mail they look completely perplexed until one of them remembers, Of yeah! Momma’s a girl!
But when they do remember, it’s super sweet. A door held open, a heavy bag of groceries taken from my arms (Grant), party hats made out of wrapping paper (Ian), or homemade brownies to celebrate another year (Sam).
The greatest part is discovering which aspect of my personality each boy notices. Grant understands my love of loud music and deep connection to water. Sam appreciates my book fetish and how cooking makes me happy. Ian loves to dig in the dirt with me and shares my joy in finding caterpillars on the porch.
It’s nice to be loved. It’s comforting to be noticed. And it’s frightening to understand just how much they see….