What goes through a little boy’s mind when he sees a mountain of dirt and an abandoned piece of plywood?
Homemade slide!
What schemes mingle in a little boy’s mind when he sees a matchbox car and a plastic spork?
And what does a little boy do when he finds a propane tank well full of Texas toads?
He takes them swimming in the pool of course!
It’s a bad thing when your brain finally puts together the words from another’s mouth that include, “check, your child, frogs, and pool.” First you just stare at them like they are speaking Chinese, then you fly out the back door yelling incoherently. The kids may not fully understand the shouted words, but suddenly toads the size of baseballs start flying out over the sides of the pool onto the grass.
Except the last one.
Three little boys chasing an Olympic breast-stroker around a circular pool is quite a sight. Enough to make you laugh when you should be crying…