“If you flush your toilet with buckets of water from your above-ground pool….you might be a redneck.”
Sounds like a skit from the Best of Jeff Foxworthy but, alas, I made that one up after a very…very… long 24 hours.
I awoke on a glorious, cool, Labor Day to birds chirping and Andy running through our room on his way outside mumbling frantically “I think our well went dry.”
For all you city folk, those words are akin to the newscaster saying that the city water workers went on strike and you are…well…buggered.
We had been paying close attention to the well for weeks after hearing that many locals are dealing with dry wells due to the severe drought in Texas. We had been watching for the signs: salty water, sandy water, changes in pressure. And on Monday, we woke up to no warning and no water.
We contacted the neighbors, and they still had water. So we were both hopeful and fearful that something had happened to the pump. These kind of fixes are not the cheap kind, but much cheaper than digging a new well.
So how do you get the well fixed on a holiday?
You don’t.
You drive 45 minutes to your family’s house and shower.
Then you buy water in plastic jugs, and dig around the shed for a bucket for the only female living in a house of boys. The males of the household may be able to visit a tree, but I did not want to have to explain to a new doctor in a new town how I got poison ivy on my…never mind.
So a bucket, strong boys to haul the water up stairs, and a ball cap were the answers to my dilemma.
No, not just a ball cap.
A bedazzled ball cap.
The one Andy makes fun of.
He can have his stinky boy hat, but all a girl with no running water really needs is a bucket and a sparkly baseball cap.
I am happy to report that we only had to suffer for a little over 24 hours. A switch blew, activating the emergency shut down. The whole situation was yet another reminder that this is not the city, and you never know what you will wake up to find…