The College Camper made its maiden voyage with a 4-hour drive to Lake Somerville, TX. Not only did it survive the trip there, but it also came back in one piece and has since driven to Austin and back – another 8-hour round trip.

It took Hubs and me about an hour into the trip to stop worrying about something falling off the trailer.

What we’ve learned:

  • Problem #1: Oldest can’t drive over 65 when towing the trailer. The fix: Suck it up buttercup.
  • Problem #2: The brand new shower head was defective. The fix: Get a new showerhead.
  • Problem #3: The aluminum windows are sealed well but the metal conducts whatever the outside temperature is to the inside of the trailer. The fix: Thermal curtains.
  • Problem #4: It takes twice as long as normal to get gas because people keep coming up and admiring the camper. The fix: Who are we kidding? This is not a problem, this is awesome.

We parked Grant’s trailer next to ours at the state park and spent the week touring Washington County in Texas. Once the most populated and wealthiest area, it’s known as the birthplace of the Republic of Texas. The entire county is full of history and also home to Blue Bell Creamery.

Yes, we ate ice cream. It would’ve been rude not to.

We cooked our meals in a dutch oven over the fire, spent hours talking under the stars at night, and didn’t work on the trailer one bit.


Lake Somerville State Park

Then we came home and Hubs built the desk, the pantry, and cut out all the new cabinet doors.

I painted.


New desk.
Dinette with new table legs and cushions.
The newly built pantry cabinet.

Plans for the next week?

  • paint the new cabinet doors
  • paint the dinette walls with black chalkboard paint
  • re-laminate the kitchen and pantry counter