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Sweet Beginnings

“Cock-a-doodle-do?” wondered Ian aloud.
The sudden question pulled me from my perfect restful moment. We were parked under a giant Oak tree with the windows down and a cherished cool breeze blowing through the car. My seat was reclined, and Ian was climbing around the truck during our long wait for the bus delivering Grant and Sam.
“It’s a wooster!” Ian shouted.
“A what?” I asked, still not completely engaged in the conversation.
A rooster!” I shouted.
I couldn’t help laughing as Ian looked frantically out the window for the very vocal chicken. We had already spotted a horse, two rams, and a squirrel in our 45 minutes of seclusion.
“He’s running!” Ian squealed.
I looked to the area of the yard where his little finger was pointing and saw a rooster bolting around like his feet were on fire. Ian’s face scrunched up and he raised one eyebrow, his face betraying his thoughts…what is wrong with that thing?
This week has been a confirming week. The kind of week that softens the jagged edges of a hard summer. The heat has been brutal, the work has been exhausting, and the stress has been overwhelming. But this week brought new beginnings and sweet rewards for a job well endured.
The boys started their new school, and they love it. Apparently kids in the country compare how many head of cattle they have or how many acres they live on as opposed to city kids who compete over how many hand-held devices they own that require chargers.
And our boys’ short hair is finally in style….
A blessed 25 degree drop in temperature allows us to appreciate the farm again. Beautiful sunsets remind us of why it was all necessary. The cows are safely secured in our back pasture, and watching the calves frolic in the tall grass is a welcome sight. We finally have some time to dote on them since the painters are busy inside the house.
A new kitten from next door has enchanted Sam and Ian. She adopted Ian after he freed her from our attic where she was apparently trapped for a day. She shows up as soon as our truck does, and the boys spend the rest of the evening following her around. She purrs, she cuddles, and she can scare the fully grown male cat from next door. I have nicknamed her “Diva”. 
Andy is again wishing that he could just camp at the farm until the house is finished. He broke in the new tow-behind tiller and reminds me strongly of Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor when he is seated upon his newest throne.
My favorite quote this week? While driving away from the farm at sunset, Grant murmured from beside me, “It smells like the beach out here…I love the country.”
House update:
The trim work is finished. The painters should be finished by Saturday. The tiling starts next week. We have heard rumors that the front porch is going to be installed soon, along with the front brick staircases, sidewalk, and driveway. The propane tank is coming soon, as well as the septic system. We are about to pay our last rental payment, and we are only four weeks from move-in! 

Cabinets are primed.


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  1. Adorable kitten. Funny stories as always. It WILL all be worth it.

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