I crack myself up….can’t stop laughing at the title of this blog. It could be the dehydration…or the fire ant venom. Does fire ant venom cause an intoxication effect? After living in Texas for 13 years, I have had my share of bites from the devil creatures, but I actually felt these monsters bite me today. The kind of fiery sting that makes you drop whatever you are holding and look for the cause of the pain. Then follows the shock that something so small could be the source of such a disruption, and then the strange giddiness as you crush the little bugger into oblivion. 
Anyway, back to the title. Ian and Sam were sent into the crawl space under the house this morning to perform trash removal. The boys demand to be paid in ice cream. What they don’t know is that ice cream is way cheaper than allowance, but we make the disgruntled face for show and they feel as if they have beaten the system. Sam sort of works, Ian mostly engages in frog-hunting. He carries a box with him to stow his trophies for the day, and releases them when we leave for the night.
I positioned myself outside the front porch to catch their tosses, reminding them to shout “gardy-loo” to warn me that something was coming. They have no idea what the phrase means, it is just an inside joke for Andy and I…hey, laughter makes the work go faster. Someday Sam will discover the meaning of his warning and will proceed to wear it out in the span of an afternoon. Then Andy and I will have to rack our brains to come up with some other form of fun at our children’s expense. Don’t judge…what is the point to parenthood if not to make fun while they remain naive? You know they will do it to us when we are old and senile.
I was waiting for the next round of tosses and listening to Ian growl in protest that the frogs were way too fast today. How was he supposed to catch them at this speed? I shouted down the hill that God gave frogs four legs to challenge his skill. I heard Ian fall…and complete silence from the cave. I was about to become concerned until I heard Ian groan, “Oh noooooo!”
“You smooshed it.” Sam commented.
“I killed him!” Ian wailed.
“Just push the dirt over him” Sam instructed.
Ian whined a little longer, but the grieving was short-lived when two more alive frogs hopped by. I could hear the box being dragged behind little legs and he was off again.