“I swear I am getting shorter!” I demand.
“No way.” Andy’s reply. However, I catch him sizing me up out of the corner of his eye.
Months of hauling wood beams the size of my truck, and hours spent bending over sweeping sawdust have left my spine feeling compacted. Nothing hurts, I just feel like I need to spend some time on one of those medieval racks. 
Maybe not.
If the rack went badly it could result in an ER visit and we are done with those. The kids have been informed that there are no more ER visits this year, it’s duck tape and superglue from here on out. Grant and Sam have healed from their porch mishaps. Ian has a new lip scar, and the burns on his hand are now peeling…disturbing but apparently healthy. Oh, I guess I forgot to blog about the first degree burns Ian sustained from a “curiosity killed the cat” incident. That about sums up my summer, first degree burns are the least of my worries.
We’ve moved on to auto trauma this week.
We were all driving to the farm, listening to Miranda Lambert’s newest CD and BOOM! All of a sudden we were lopsided and the groaning of metal on asphalt drowned out the music. Andy willfully convinced the truck to move to the side of the road…in a contruction zone… at the top of a hill. We all jump out to find the front passenger tire obliterated. We prayed a thank you for keeping us safe and Andy set to work putting on the spare tire.  I was truly grateful Andy was there, normally I make that drive by myself with the kids. A blown tire with yours truly behind the wheel would have resulted in a nuclear meltdown since that area does not get cell service.
I was beginning to loose faith in Blue Betty, I had just gotten her a new battery two days before. She seems to have decided that now is a great time for a make-over. Doesn’t she know we’re building a house?! Four new tires are not part of the plan! Andy’s car has also decided that it can take no more… honestly has that 250,000 miles meant nothing?!  Luckily all it will take to fix it is money. This is where I half-heartedly laugh through scowling eyes.
Is that frustration leaking out through my humorously sarcastic words? You betcha. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel blessed. The right side of my brain logically knows slow and steady wins the race. However, the left side is throwing a tantrum because she can’t find a short-cut in the marathon.
House Update:
The drywall is done, the texture has been sprayed on the walls. The cabinets are being built, and the woodwork trim begins Monday. We still have no idea where our porch wood is, but we got fantastic news this week. We are completely on budget! The builder said that we are an “oddity”, most people are already at least 1% over budget by now. Andy performed a touchdown dance at being called an oddity. Remember how Andy and my dad vie to hold the title of cheapskate? Score one for Andy… he holds the crown a little while longer.

Family Room

Future Kitchen

Master Bedroom