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As I pulled down the drive toward the house, I unthinkingly glanced to our neighbor’s pasture. It’s a habit. The cows regularly come up to the stock tank in the cooler evenings, and we can check on them without taking the truck “off-road”. The movement must be unconscious, I scan the grass and turn my attention back to our house.
It took a few seconds for my brain to absorb what it witnessed. I slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the front seat.
Four cows.
Clara had her baby!

Absolutely the sweetest sight. Two calves following their mommas. The older, lighter colored male following Jenny. And a brand spanking new dark red fireball jumping and running after it’s milk supply. I’ve been worrying about how we will tell the new ones apart if they are the same sex, but that has turned out to be a non-issue. The first born male, Bolt, is the spitting image of his mother. A strawberry-blonde hulk that likes to jump fences. The new one is dark red and fast as lightning, just like it’s momma Clara.
I walked back to the house with a happy grin, until the facts of the matter hit me like a mud truck on a wet-dirt track.
Four cows!
Just three months ago I had no cows, now I have a herd. Four constitutes as a herd right? Albeit a very small grouping, a herd nonetheless.
What are we doing?!
I now have three boys, two dogs, and four cows! If I haven’t lost my mind yet, it has certainly packed it’s bags in preparation for departure. There are just too many things in there. Like someone with a trigger finger and a TV remote, my brain constantly switches between my rancher, mother, home builder, and CEO of homemaker industries hemispheres. 
I need cliff notes for my lists.
House update:
The insulation is finishing up today. The drywall installation starts tomorrow. Fencing completion will take place Saturday. We met with the cabinet maker yesterday and are dreading the bid. The fun stuff is coming soon and we are praying they make the end-of-September closing.

Clara and baby in front, Jenny and Bolt in back.

Beginning of front grading.

Clearing behind house, in front of back pasture gate. Goodbye Rattlesnakes!

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  1. First off, the house is beautiful!!!! Congrats guys! That is so, so exciting! And second, you crack me up with your stories and yes, you are an official rancher now and on your way to a real, live cowgirl! Who would've imagined that? Enjoy your new baby calves!

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