My heart sank as I watched the fire racing across the pasture, consuming large round hay bales and threatening to swallow the arena. A grass fire. North Texas has had a very dry summer and the grass has become kindling waiting for a spark. Giant plumes of smoke and waves of flames on a field used to cause concern, now they cause dread. Each acre scorched means money lost, livestock threatened, and so much hard work for nothing. Thankfully this was not my pasture….
The lack of rain has turned the landscape from green to gold. Which to a city girl means that the sprinklers must be run more often, but to a rancher, it can mean devastation. If the grass is too dry, the livestock do not get the nutrients they need. The grasshoppers thrive and move like a plague over pastures and gardens.
So last night as I looked up to see black clouds forming over our small farm, I prayed a “thank you”…all while realizing that the metal tractor I was sitting upon did double duty as a giant lightning rod. We all ran to grab tools and implements and bolted for the shed.
Giant raindrops splashed on the windshield as we drove away. From high on the road, we could see the edge of the storm. It seemed as if the light and dark were fighting over the countryside, the dark winning. You could smell the rain, and almost hear the trees sighing as the water hit their leaves.Rain used to mean wet feet messing up the carpet, and interruption to my well planned life. Now it reminds me that life is a delicate balance…easily swallowed by destruction. The rain now reminds me to take a breathe and let the cool water refresh me as it does the parched land…to be thankful for every moment that God sends the rain.