“Amanda, come here!” yelled Andy.
I turned around to see him and the three boys looking at something on the ground.
That had better not be another huge spider, I thought. Andy knows I loathe spiders… I come from a long line of spider haters… and he loves to point out the really big ones.
I walk up and follow their gazes to the ground. What? I don’t see anything at first, but then I see a clump of dirt jump. In disbelief, I look harder and see that it is not a clump of dirt, but in fact, the smallest toad (now identified as a Texas Toad) I have ever seen.
“Pick it up.” Andy suggests.
I peek to either side of me and realize that 4 males are standing around asking the only girl there to pick up the toad. I lean over and usher the little jumper into my hand. There are now 5 toads hopping along, 4 of them are no bigger than nickels, and one is smaller than a dime. So cute.
Suddenly, Sam declares, “Stand back, I have done this before”, in a most serious tone while pushing up his sleeves. 
The crazy thing is, my kids had never seen a toad until last week. Grant had been mowing at the rental house when he ran in screaming that there was a frog in the flower bed. All the boys start running around screaming. They are under the false impression that frogs are akin to snakes. I assure them that frogs are cool, and Sam is the only one brave enough to pick it up. Now, there is a whole slew of baby toads on some sort of pilgrimage across our front pasture.
Last night, an enormous commotion caused me to turn and witness 3 dogs and 6 kids running down our front drive. Turns out they were chasing an armadillo. It was still daylight, but the armored creature decided to take a stroll only to be accosted by screaming giants.
We have encountered runaway longhorns, a 5 foot long rat snake, tons of rabbits, beautiful hawks, herds of deer, a 6 foot long rattlesnake, a bobcat, lightning bugs, a massive turtle, an aramdillo, and loads of toads so far at the farm and we only spend a few hours a day there. We have seen tracks for wild pigs, and a friend who went camping one night claims we have at least 3 large owls. Wonder what interesting creatures will come into view when we actually live there….