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Holy Cow

We arrived tonight like any other night, to work on the clean up. We barely got the tractor out of the shed when one of the boys starts yelling that our cow is in the neighbor’s pasture. Andy takes the tractor and heads down to our back pasture to check the fence line, and I climb in the truck to follow him. By the time I am through the gate, Andy has made the perimeter and laid eyes on one of the cows. He is certain the other cow is nearby since the fence is secure.
I decide to drive the perimeter anyway since I have the truck. I make it all the way around and only see one cow, Clara. I stop to watch her for a moment until I realize that she is pacing the fence at one section, not moving away even when the dogs start harassing her. I follow her line of sight and see Jenny staring at me from across my neighbor’s field. Her eyes are wide with unease and the words “freaking cow” escape my lips before my brain assesses all the information.
I drive around the fence again, just to be sure. There are no holes in the fence. The fence is solid.
How did the cow get to the other side of the fence?
I can read Clara’s expression easily as she keeps glancing between me and Jenny, get her back! Clara and Jenny are sisters, they have never been separated. They stick together like peanut butter and jelly in the pasture.
I just stare back at her and keep asking the question, “How did she get over there?!”
Unfortunately she doesn’t answer, she was probably sparing me the details.  Then again, she probably didn’t really believe what she saw.
The little boy next door runs up to me and says he saw Jenny jump the fence. He said his dog was pestering her and she chased the dog to the fence line and proceeded to jump and continue her pursuit.
Strangely, he has to be right. There is no other way she could have gotten across the pasture. I am not sure this has played in your imagination yet, but Jenny is 8 1/2 months pregnant. She could calve at any time.
Take a moment and let this run through your mind. My very pregnant cow jumped over a fence to chase a dog.
I will be shocked if she doesn’t have that baby in my neighbor’s pasture before we can move her tomorrow.
As we were leaving we spotted a bobcat sitting on our dirt pile watching us after dark. The bobcat seemed very curious and I began to wonder if it was waiting for us to leave so it could take a stroll through house.
Note to self: never leave the doors open at night, you never know what you will wake up to.

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  1. Uh oh…you got a fence jumper! Once they learn…they keep on doing! Hopefully she will be a "forgetful" cow or you will be in the neighbor's pasture a lot, LOL! Isn't country life fun? Good for lots of fun stories!!!

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