“I can do it momma.” Grant reassures.
“Maybe we should wait for daddy.” I reply.
I hesitantly hand Grant the keys to the tractor and watch through my fingers as he brings the red beast to life and takes her out of neutral.
We arrived at the farm 40 minutes before Andy and the house site desperately needed cleaned of debris. Andy would not arrive until almost sunset. This is why I birthed three boys right? Right?
My mouth audibly drops open as my 9-year-old backs the tractor out of a shed door that is way too small for the tractor to fit through. He uses one foot to hold  up the mower cover and eases it through the opening.  
The boys and I load up the dump cart and head to work. I send Sam and Ian inside to throw out little pieces of wood while Grant and I pick up around the outside. Andy drives in through the front gate, consumed by the progress on the house, then he spots us. Confusion and incredulity set the features on his face. I smile and wink and say, “You’ve been replaced.”
I prophesied this event in a previous blog. Grant would soon overtake his dad in the war for Roxanne (my pet name for the tractor). I guessed it would take 3 weeks, he succeeded on his first attempt, 5 weeks later. 
Competition flashed in Andy’s eyes, but was quickly replaced by awe. He didn’t think Grant could do it. I can’t help but silently enjoy the moment. A few days ago, Sam told me that daddy was smarter than me, and I am slightly relishing the humbly moment Andy is suffering. It’s just a moment, gone too soon.
The humble pie did die quickly when we discovered that the master bedroom ceiling had been framed wrong. Which meant the loft was being framed wrong. Fortunately we check everyday, so the mistake was noticed right away. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a good signal to reach the builder so he didn’t tell the framers until the next morning after they had already started working. Oh well, I guess that’s why we have the builder, so he can deal with the notification that they have to rip the ceiling down. He can also deal with the fact that we need to change the stairway plans. Luckily, he had been thinking the same thing we were thinking, so no power struggles in the near future.

Front of house.

Back of house.

View out back windows from front door.