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Labor Pains

Building a house is a lot like having a baby. A positive pregnancy test is like the backhoe taking it’s first scoopful of earth. All you can think is, this is really happening! Then the morning sickness sets in and, like the slow process of building a foundation, you think, what have I done?!
As your uncomfortability grows, so does your attachment. There are days where you question your sanity and other days where you know without a doubt you are doing the right thing. Like labor, there are days that you want to see and experience every transition. Then there are days that you want to wrap yourself around someone’s leg and beg them to knock you out cold.
Yesterday was like feeling the baby kick for the first time. Surprising, awesome, and emotional.
We spent Sunday at the farm cleaning, clearing, and drive-by fly spraying. The foundation looked the same as it had for two weeks. The concrete walls of the basement were in place and the side wings had not been started. The concrete contractors had been busy weather-proofing and back-filling, both very important, but not very exciting.
Andy had been away from his beloved land for 24 hours and decided he needed to look in on her, like checking on a sleeping baby. Except, our baby had grown in those 24 hours and we didn’t know it.
Andy drives down the winding road to our house and glances out the window to see this:

Shock! We had no idea they started framing. At least it was a good shock… not like the bad shock of the hired clearing incident. The news of the surprise spread through the family like fire claiming a dry field. The excited screams could be heard outside of our house as the boys exalted.
Changes will be more frequent and exhilarating now. All I can think of this morning, is thank God the first trimester is over.Although the joy is slightly marred by the same feelings I had in my second trimester of my pregnancies… the fear of the pain before the finale, the fear that my baby might turn out to be a three-headed alien, the fear that I won’t be strong enough to endure. Then Andy’s words during my labor ring in my ears….
Millions of women have done this before, this in no way makes you special (he thought he was being funny).
Yes, he did actually say that when I was in hard labor with Grant. And yes we are still married.

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  1. It's looking great! You can do it.

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