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Potty Mouth

The words flew out of my mouth at light speed as the semi truck pushed me off the road and into the grass. After I regained control of my truck, quiet giggling drifted from the back seat.  My heart sank as I realized what I had just done. My brain scrambled to remember the exact words that I had let escape. I had trouble breathing when I realized that I had used at least 4 curse words in front of the three little boys sitting white-knuckled in the back seat.
My eyes flew to Ian in the rear view mirror. Thank you Jesus. He was still wearing his headphones and watching the movie. His favorite game right now is “copy”, and he is a master. He can not only copy everything you say, he uses your precise tone and mannerisms.
Grant, the most mature person in the family, turned to Sam and said, “Do not repeat those words.”
Oh the humiliation.
Grant continued, “Well, you can say them if you’re dying, or if someone is trying to kill you like that truck was trying to kill momma.”
Sam turns to me and says, “Momma can I say them if someone is trying to kill me?” 
Think fast. “Yes honey.”
The headphones returned to their ears and their eyes returned to the movie screen.
Then my cell phone rang.
My smiling husband’s picture popped on the view screen.
I might as well tell him now, Sam will rat me out soon enough anyway.
“Hey hon, I’m sorry but I just cussed in front of the kids.”
He replies, “Which word?”
“Um…most of them.”
Silence ensued.
I could imagine the look on his face, it was probably the same look on my Mother-in-Law’s face the time we got trapped on an overpass during an ice storm. I had blasted the windshield with foul language that day too.
Andy was very gracious…chuckling while asking me not to take them to any adult clubs or drug hangouts on the way home.
The concrete walls of the basement were poured at the farm today. The concrete walls and piers for the two side wings start immediately. We could be ready to frame next week. I won’t hold my breathe, but things are moving at a good pace and the weather has been beautiful!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I needed a good laugh. I'm glad you guys are o.k.

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