Imagine a preschool room full of toys. A train table sits in the corner as the kids are running in from recess. Every boy runs to the train table. One shiny new train sits among the 20 scuffed up trains on the tracks.  Chaos ensues. Ten pairs of hands reach, grab, shove and scratch for the one shiny new train while the rest are left untouched.
Watching Andy and Grant fight over who gets to mow (yes, you read correctly, I said mow) is exactly like watching the preschoolers fight over the new train. And in both situations I find myself screaming at the top of my lungs, “Share!”
A shiny red garden tractor sits in our newly built shed. We bought it used and the previous owners even waxed it for us. I must admit, it is fun to drive, the thing is faster than any mower I’ve ever seen. I suspect that Andy built the shed as a shrine for his new tractor. There were no prior plans to build a shed until she arrived.
Let’s call her “Roxanne” shall we?
Two of the men in my life are smitten with Roxanne. In fact they can be seen racing each other across the field to drive her first. Lucky for Andy, he is the only one who can skillfully ease her out of the shed.
Grant is a quick learner though and he watches intently, studying every maneuver as Andy clears the shed doors. I give it three weeks until Andy is toast.
Frankly, Grant is a better driver.
The neighbors must have had a good giggle last night watching Andy and Grant follow each other on the tractor yelling, “It’s my turn!” I know I did when Grant at last got his chance and sped Roxanne into the back pasture laughing like a mad scientist.
I was in the back pasture with Sam and Ian who were fighting over who was going to hold the hose while we filled the stock tank. Yes, they were fighting over a hose.
Maybe it’s not Roxanne, maybe it’s just boys….