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And the Award Goes to…

This makes the top 10 stupidest things we’ve ever done. That was the thought that kept interrupting my silent prayers as we drove out of the parking lot. One look in the rear view mirror instantly reminded me why I should not be involved in things of this nature.
I like being in control, it’s an oldest child thing. Oldest children should not listen to youngest children. Youngest children grow up to be spontaneous, crazy adults. Not only do I frequently listen to one, I married one.
“Stop biting your lip!” is something that can be heard coming out of Andy’s mouth whenever I am involved in one of his hair-brained ideas. What he doesn’t know is that I am biting my lip in an attempt to physically halt words from escaping before I have had time to swallow them.
After tonight, I’m lucky to have lips left.
Let me back up by saying that Andy and my Dad are in a perpetual contest of cheapness. Neither one really realizes they are competing in the race, but the rest of us know it. Well Dad, Andy pulled a full lap ahead of you tonight.
Building a house costs money. Lots O money. And we are always looking for ways to save money in the areas we can. One of the best ways we have found to save money is to buy appliances either used or on clearance. That is how I came to find myself gripping the car seat until the blood had fully drained from my fingers.
Andy found the refrigerator that we wanted on clearance at a store 25 miles from our current location. Great, except we have no place to store the thing. So we call in a favor from loving family members and they agree to hold it for us until construction is complete. Yes!
I, being an oldest, would have made lots of calls, spent hours immersed in research, and made a detailed list including time checkpoints. Andy, being a youngest, said, “Let’s go!”
Let’s go meant ‘I’m too cheap to pay $30 for delivery, so let’s haul this bad boy in our truck bed across the metroplex.’
So Andy and another manly man lifted the said appliance into the truck bed, tied it down, sort of, and we took off.
Who knew people of the metroplex were so friendly, waving and honking, wishing us luck, I’m sure, on our journey. We painfully discovered the state of disrepair in which the roads find themselves. With every dip or drop, the oxygen seemed to get sucked out of the truck resulting in a strange group gasping sound. 
I’m both happy and sad to report that the refrigerator made it to it’s destination unharmed. And no motorists were injured in our adventure. That’s the happy part. The sad part is looking at my husband who has a look of triumph on his face as he says, “See? I told you it was more stable than it looked!”
I love you Andy, God help me.

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  1. You married your father!!!!!!!!!!!!

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