We are constantly being asked how the home building is progressing. A natural, even expected question, but the answer is not so…simple. We always put on a smile and say something like, “It’s great, the excavation is complete, and more is coming next week.”
Roughly translated, this means, “We are now the proud owners of a big ‘ole hole in the ground!”
How do we know that our dream is not just vaporware?  
For those of you non-geeks, vaporware is the announcement by a developer that a new product is coming, but there is no real evidence that it will ever exist in reality. 
After an especially difficult week, a distraught Andy turns to me and says, “it’s just like Crazy Horse!.” Hmm, pretty sure that was not what I thought he was going to say. I give him my most perplexed eyebrow raise and ask the obvious question, “Do I want to know what that means?”
He proceeds to describe a monument in South Dakota that was begun in 1948. When Andy went to visit the monument, they charged more money than Mount Rushmore. And when he finally set eyes upon the wonder…it was a chalk drawing on the face of a mountain.
Now in all fairness, I looked it up and there is now a head available for viewing. Actually it’s really only a face.
After 60 some odd years there is only a head?!
Dear builder, we only have a one-year construction loan…..