If you are ever traveling near Nashville, Tennessee you must make a stop at The Hermitage: the beloved home of President Andrew Jackson, who served as the seventh president from 1829 to 1837. “Old Hickory” as he was known, lived at the estate until his death in 1845.

The tourism office offers separate audio tours for adults and children. I highly recommend getting the kid’s audio tour, it whittled down the vast amount of information available and presented it in a humorous light. With expansive grounds offering slave cabins, a smoking house, and a museum, you will need to allow at least three hours to tour with children.

The house itself has been restored and the original wallpaper still hangs in many of the rooms. Tour guides, dressed in period costume, offer information and great stories about the stubborn and raucous general who saved a young U.S. from the British at the Battle of New Orleans.

Numerous historical items are on display from the life and time of Jackson, including his carriage, china, clothing and portraits. The gardens and grave site of Jackson provide a peaceful backdrop for a leisurely walk around the estate, or a paved running path for kiddos tired of being couped up in a car.

We visited The Hermitage over the summer so we read Andrew Jackson by Steve Potts before touring the estate. Now that our two older boys are studying American history, they really appreciate the opportunity they had to see, touch and experience history. The Hermitage is well worth the money and time to visit if you are ever in the area. 

A view inside the smokehouse.

A view inside one of the slave cabins.
Andrew Jackson’s grave site on the grounds of The Hermitage.