Most husbands trek to a jewelry or clothing store in search of their wife’s birthday present, but Hubs knew the way to my heart would be found in the lumber section of a hardware store.

And as I have mentioned before, I have experienced some disaster trouble with gardening. I seem unable to cultivate tomatoes and peppers from seed… the only real option for Heirloom plants. Some research revealed that tomatoes and peppers are best started in greenhouses and then transplanted to the garden.

Armed with this knowledge, Hubs and Oldest set to building a greenhouse for my birthday. I was forbidden from entering the back pasture for over two weeks while they toiled. A freak snowstorm prevented them from finishing before the big day, but that was really a blessing in disguise since it meant that Hubs and I could finish the building together.

The general plans came from Ana White but Hubs had to do some adjustment calculations since the wood available in Texas is different than that in Alaska where she lives. Our greenhouse is also set on a buried brick foundation with cemented anchors to prevent the powerful Texas wind from sending our work to Oz.

The edges of the walls are sealed and covered by galvanized roof flashing, something Ana later added but did not include in the original plans. Hubs built our door of scrap lumber instead of Ana’s plan. We covered the top half of the door with screen to allow for air flow in the summer and then added a solid insert that is screwed in from the back of the door for winter.

We will have to make adjustments to the interior to thwart the many animals that will inevitably attempt to tunnel under the walls to reach any tender green shoots in the later winter and early spring. If all goes well, the interior will be finished soon and you can take a peek inside.