I imagine you’ve heard of the ice storm that had crippled North Texas for several days. If you are from the north, you probably laughed at the cartoon drawing of Texas with a giant “closed” sign over the state. You also probably chuckled at those southerners who don’t know how to drive in the winter weather.

Born and raised in Ohio, I used to scoff at those crazy Texans too. Until my third winter here when I found myself trapped on an icy overpass with my 6-month-old strapped into a car seat behind me. I spent 4 hours traversing a stretch of highway that normally would have taken 30 minutes. My poor mother-in-law spent those hours with me.

That’s when she learned that I do, in fact, know several swear words.

Ice storms in Texas are no joke. We have little to no salt for the roads, and frankly sand does little to help a car attempting to drive over an ice rink. Most of the time, the horror lasts only a day or two then we go back to wearing short sleeves, but Icemageddon left us trapped for six days.

Thankfully we stocked up on gas and groceries before the storm, and the boys filled the wood pile to keep us warm. I learn something with every storm, and this one was no different:

  • Do not let the pool pump stop running, in fact buy a backup for emergencies.
  • Let the water trickle in the shower all night to keep your well-head from freezing.
  • Little boys will happily participate in art projects if trapped in a house for more than three days.
  • Coconut oil can be substituted one to one for butter in baking recipes. 
  • Flax seed meal can be substituted for eggs in baking recipes. 
  • Dogs can ice skate.
  • Deer come really close to the house in the freezing weather. 
  • Keep your rifle handy. *See above*

That looks like a pretty layer of fluffy white snow doesn’t it? Nope. That’s 4 inches of solid ice people.