If you were given two choices as a parent, which would you choose?

  • Take a long car ride with your children.
  • Get your teeth pulled out with a pair of rusty pliers and no painkiller. 

Most parents might ask some questions before answering.

  • Are there video games or a DVD player in the car?
  • Do they have something to read?
  • How many kids are we talking about?
  • Is there 3-inch-thick, soundproof, bulletproof glass between us?

What if there were no distractions and only one child during a calm drive through the country?

Stop laughing, that could really happen.

In fact, it did happen recently when Middle Son and I were returning from an hour-long library visit. As we passed under the changing leaves on the county road, his voice broke the sound of the tires on the uneven road.



“You know what I think the most destructive thing in the world is?”

Monster trucks? A fight-to-the-death between Bizarro and Superman? All of the Oreos being plucked from the world by chocolate-loving aliens?



Wow. That was really deep. He’s going to go places someday. Maybe I will get that red Jeep I’ve always wanted when he’s famous. “Regret?”

“Yeah, that or sugar.”