If you live outside of the Lone Star State then you probably associate Texas with heat. But more troubling than the heat for Texas farmers and ranchers is the way that rain clouds avoid our skies like bare feet avoid fire ant mounds.

Remember all those pecan saplings that we recently marked in preparation for replanting in the orchard? Those baby trees are soaking in the cool wet weather now, but they will undoubtedly be roasting in under the sun come next August. So more than anything else, they’ll need water.

Thankfully, Hubs already ran a water line to the back pasture for the stock tank when we had cows. Unfortunately it stopped at the gate, which is at the north side of the future orchard. How do you get the line south?

See that tree line waayyy back there? That’s the end.

You have to dig the trench, which we did all day on a Saturday. Oldest Son and I took turns driving the trencher while Hubs guided us and hand-dug the shallow parts. Then we had to lay, prime and cement 700 feet of PVC.

No that was not me joyriding in the go-cart around the pasture while Oldest worked, somebody else must have been wearing my sparkly ball cap.

Hubs and I had matching purple fingers from the primer. If that’s not romantic, then I don’t know what is. Amazingly enough, Oldest Son was a great helper and, at 13, can drive a trencher and cement PVC  just as well as his dad.

I knew throwing-up for 9 months would pay off someday.