The weather is cooling in north Texas which means it’s almost pecan season! It also means we only have until Spring to get the orchard set up and for the county tax officer’s impending inspection for the change in our agricultural exemption status.

Let the pecan sapling hunt begin!

Thankfully, the squirrels had a busy year and we are busting at the seams with baby trees.

Andy and I set out with a roll of orange marking tape on a drizzly Sunday afternoon. Two hours later we had tied the tape to 180 trees without walking farther than a two acre plot of ground. We never made it into the brush, everything we tagged was in the open.

“My precious.” *Must say this in a creepy Schmegal voice for the full effect.

Why mark the trees you ask?

Because pecan trees loose their leaves in the winter and I don’t want to welcome the Spring only to discover that we dug up and replanted eighty poison ivy plants.

Talk about embarrassing.

After all, I’m still trying to overcome my gardening disability.

Oh well, at least I have learned to can…other peoples produce.
The promise of pecans has brought much needed hope. Maybe someday I won’t have to visit the farmer’s market in disguise.

See all those ankle-high green specks with orange flecks? Pecan trees!