One of my favorite sights is a bunny happily hopping across the pasture. Turns out, this is a joy I share with our Catahoula, Missy.

Though not for the same reason apparently.

When I recently caught sight of Missy sneaking across the front walkway with something in her mouth, I thought she must have found another beloved stick and was waiting for someone to play with her. So I shrugged on my shoes and bounded down the front steps, only to freeze in my tracks when her stick squeaked.

Missy’s head lowered and she watched me warily. I approached slowly until another squeak revealed that she was clutching a bunny, not a stick, in her razor sharp jaws.

My shouts of, “Drop it!” had little effect. I even attempted to pry the helpless animal from her teeth while she ducked and turned with her prize.

I chased her around the front of the house until she was backed into a corner between two porches.
Sensing that I was going to take the toy, she dropped the bunny behind her and turned to face me. Every time I reached to grab behind her, she maneuvered her body to protect the treasure from being swiped by human hands.

After fifteen minutes of begging the dog to give me the bunny, I was able to snatch it up from behind her.

With great care, I placed the bunny in a box and released it on the other side of the fence while forcing Missy to sit at my side. She refused to look at me, which made me certain she had learned her lesson.

*head in hands*

Twenty minutes later, as I swept the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of the dog skulking past the front porch with something filling her cheeks. The look she wore said it all...don’t judge me, beef eater!

Code name: Bunny Bandit