If homeschooling accomplishes nothing else, it does stretch your brain beyond the believed limits of creativity.
How do you convince a 5th grader that math is fun when he declares it’s ruining his life?
Demonstrate how video games are the result of math.
How do you engage an 8th grader in brotherly bonding?
Announce that the only way to prevent the end of the world is to build a suspension bridge made of popsicle sticks in the next two hours.

 How do you trick a 2nd grader into learning punctuation?
Let him make his own crazy sentences on a white board with each letter in a different color, then read the individual sentences as one paragraph, feigning hyperventilation because he forgot to put in stop signs.
It. Never. Ends.
And… it’s awesome.
Because when you dig deep for inspiration, you inspire others to do the same. Isn’t that what homeschooling is all about?
Admitting when you have no idea how to answer a question, then brainstorming as a group toward discovery. Getting excited about a snippet of information that has eluded you for thirty-some-years, like the fact that a polymer inside the shells of horseshoe crabs is used to make bandages.
If you love learning, so will they.
If you treasure creation, they will too.
If you adore cleaning, it will motivate them to finish chores before playing. Right?  *clears throat*  Let’s move on.
If you are willing to look like a fool chasing an American Oyster Catcher down the beach so you can compare it to the bird identification book, they will laugh with you instead of at you. Maybe.
At least they will learn to laugh, and so will you.

American Oyster Catcher, and yes, I did look like an idiot trying to get a picture.