Things move slowly at the Funny Farm. No matter how fast we work, projects pile up.
Take the pool for example.
We wanted a place to cool off in the blistering Texas heat, so we built an above ground pool. It was well worth the effort. But, there was no place to sit around the pool, so Hubs built a deck around half the pool last year.
Perfect, except, you couldn’t walk all the way around the pool and we were always worried someone would accidentally push their brother over the edge.
This year, Hubs completed the pool deck. However, you had to run down the stairs, walk through the basement garage, hopscotch across the cement pavers then climb up the deck stairs to get to the pool.
Frustrated one night, as the sun was setting, Hubs decided to bust out the railing of the upper deck on the back of the house and build a staircase to our beloved swimming hole.
I have to admit the stairs are wonderful, even though the permanent railings will have to come next year. But for now, we can run straight from the house to the pool and avoid wet feet trailing water all over the pretty wooden floors.

 We always have big plans and I am the first to say that we don’t always think through every possibility before diving headlong into a project.
This became apparent the night the staircase skeleton was installed. We have three glass doors across the back of the house. One of them leads into our master bathroom. After a late movie, I stood in front of my mirror, next to the glass door that leads onto the back porch, brushing my teeth. A loud bang rattled the glass next to me. I jumped almost to the ceiling and sprayed toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror.  I readied my toothbrush to use as a weapon and looked out the door expecting to find a serial killer lurking behind the glass.
I took a deep breath and went to work cleaning the mess. A few seconds later, BANG! I threw on the exterior light and looked out to find…nothing…again.
Until I looked down.
You know how your mind freezes when it finds a person or object in a place it never expected to see them?
I could not figure out how he got onto the back porch.
Then it dawned on me… he climbed the stairs.
Now every night, if the moon is high, you will find the unmistakable outline of cat ears in front of my door waiting to be fed, or better yet, hunting grasshoppers and relieving them of their legs.
Stairs and bug control. A win-win I’d say.

“You built this for me right?”