Dear Mother Nature,
I love all the wonderful rain we have received this year and adore the abundance of wildflowers filling the fields. While grateful for those blessings, I am just an itty-bitty-TEENSIEWEENSIE bit tired of the constant hurricane-force wind gusts that blow anything without roots across the county line. My last letter seems to have had made things worse, so in an honest effort to get along, my handy hubby and I have devised a plan that will benefit us both.

 P.S. Feel free to blow until you are blue in the face. 

Bad Hair in North Texas  
DIY Removable Clothesline
Items needed:
1.) (2) 18 inch rebar pieces, spray-painted if you want them to look nicer
2.) clothesline string 
3.) wooden clothesline clips
*Drill holes into porch posts sized to rebar pieces. 
 *Insert rebar and twist. 
*Cut clothesline string to desired length. Tie each end to rebar pieces. Remember to make the line very taught as heavy wet clothing will weigh it down. (We did two lines and clothes dry quickly.)
* Hang freshly washed clothing on line with clothespins and drink some sweet tea while enjoying a lower utility bill. The clothesline can be pulled out and rolled up when company comes.

**We had leftover rebar pieces so this project cost only $5.