Mother’s Day usually equals burnt toast and home-made cards. Gestures from little hands and hearts that I will always cherish. But this Mother’s Day was filled with hand-made presents of another kind entirely.

Handy Hubs spent the weekend building a pergola over the west side of the back porch.

pergola inside1

I’m really starting to love his burgeoning obsession with carpentry.


In typical pioneering fashion, Hubs decided that buying 4 x 10 cedar posts equalled crazy when we had so many western cedar trees taking up valuable space on our own land. So a few weeks before installation began, he felled two trees and hauled them to the sawmill. With the rest of the cedar purchased, Hubs and Oldest spent the windiest weekend in recent history perched on ladders on a two-story deck building a pergola that would still hold up the porch if the brick pillars underneath ever gave way.

pergola outside

One exterior roller shade later, and the space that used to be avoided in the evenings is now a wonderful place to dine.

pergola shade

Yeah, this present blows macaroni frames out of the water.