Have you noticed that every family has their own set of rules? Unwritten, unspoken guidelines that members of the family obey at all times. Here at the Funny Farm, ours are pretty simple:

  • Take your shoes off when entering the house.
  • Library books must always be returned to the shelf at the stair landing.
  • Chew with your mouth closed. 
  •  Never leave a good pecan to rot.
  • Turn off the tower when a storm is closin’ in.
  • Fill all bathtubs and sinks with water when Daddy says he’s gonna do some plumbin’ work.

That last one is a punishable offense if left undone.
As soon as the words, “Don’t use the water for a bit, I’m gonna work on something, ” are spoken, a stampede of footsteps can be heard bolting to bathrooms all over the house.
Nothing needs to be said…everyone knows. Daddy’s plumbing projects don’t always go as planned. And setbacks mean no running water, possibly for days. 
So last weekend, when Hubs proclaimed that he was going to install the new water softener, we all knew what to do. A look passed between the kids and I before water faucets turned on all over the house. A race to see if we could secure enough before he drained the pipes.

Youngest’s handiwork. And his toys. Cause what little boy can resist a tub full of water?

 I adore Hubs for his can-do attitude. He is much braver than I, always willing to teach himself how to save a buck do something new.
Thankfully, the water softener is now installed and working like a champ. We were only without water for four hours. I must say, Hubs is getting faster at his DIY. Maybe someday soon we won’t even have to avoid clear liquids during projects…

Only a teensie-weensie leakage.      

What are some of your family’s rules? Share in the comment section!