Secret of the Crystal Dragon
by Paula Blais Gorgas (Dragonfly Publishing, March 2013)
Twelve-year-old Myra Goodfellow barely remembers the bedtime stories her grandmother told about shape-shifting dragon people from the world of Kasan. But the memories come flooding back when a baby dragon hatches from the abandoned egg she finds in the woods of rural Oklahoma. Myra and neighbor Aiden discover that the stories are true when the two unintentionally dream-travel to the politically divided planet. Trapped on an alien world, the pair must unearth deeply buried secrets to save the baby dragon from the clutches of the Red World Society and find their way home again.
Secret of the Crystal Dragon draws the reader in by expertly weaving Kasan into Earth’s history and keeps them turning the pages to find the truth behind Myra’s unique ability to mind-talk with the baby dragon. The 12-year-old main character is authentic with her quick judgements and sarcasm. Still recovering from her parents divorce, she struggles to trust her own heart while Aiden gives her the courage to trust others. With each new hurdle they face, the story hints that Myra and Aiden may be more important to the futures of Kasan and Earth than they could ever imagine.
Middle grade to adult readers will enjoy loosing themselves in dream-travel and dragon shadows. While the end of the book answers some of the reader’s questions, Secret of the Crystal Dragon is the first installment of the Guardians of the Blue Planet series and future books hold the promise of revealing more about the girl who is only beginning to discover her destiny.
The book is available in paperbackand Kindle Edition e-book.
Official Synopsis:
Guardians of the Blue Planet (Book I): While visiting her father in rural Oklahoma, twelve-year-old Myra Goodfellow finds a baby dragon from Kasan, the home planet of the Guardian Dragons of Earth. When she and Aiden (the boy next door) accidentally “dream travel” to Kasan, they must protect the baby dragon from the Red World Society, a secret alien group determined to rule both Kasan and Earth.
Cover art property of  Paula Blais Gorgas and Dragonfly Publishing.