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Have you ever had one of those beautiful winter days that provided the perfect weather for burning that city-sized brush pile in your pasture so you called the local sheriff to log your burn and lit that baby at the same time a giant gust of wind arrived and unintentionally set your pasture on fire?
Oh. *clears throat*
Yeah, me neither.

Well, there was brush there. It all happened so fast…

“Of course I meant to set the pasture on fire honey, just keep spraying.”
We here at the Funny Farm would like to thank the owners of the legs (a.k.a. Jeff, Sue, Roger, Grant, Sam, and Ian) that stomped out that mess before we had to call the fire department. At least we got a good cardio in before dinner, right? Right?

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  1. When we burned that pile last year, I meant to make a little hole around the pile, but you can say I made a moat or even a Grand Canyon. And he covered it back up. None of this would have happened if he had left it. He also forgot a hose. I had to get the dune buggy and ride up to the house to get a hose. I went so fast- with a broken weld.

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