“My open wounds have healed. I need a new project.”

I rolled my eyes at Hubs. “It’s too hot outside.”

“What about an inside project? Bill-The-Mill-Guy just called and said he finished milling the pecan tree that fell during the storm.


And just like that *snaps fingers* the metal spiral staircase in our master bedroom got wooden treads.


The pecan treads after Hubs cut and routed them.

Okay, so maybe it took a few days.

Hubs cut out, routed, and rough-sanded the treads and then handed the project off to yours truly. I finish-sanded, stained, and sealed them. Thankfully I tested out the floor stain on the treads before working on them. Turns out, pecan wood does not stain the same as white oak. After several trips to the hardware store, I found that Minwax Provincial was a close match to our wood floors. I top-coated with Minwax Fast-Dry Polyurethane in Satin.


View from the schoolroom looking down.

Hubs installed them and now the entrance to our schoolroom is gorgeous. And we can wear socks while climbing the stairs without fear of paralysis or painful death.


Did I mention I love Hubs’ carpentry obsession? I wonder what he’ll build next…


View from the master bedroom. Our music-practice-station sits behind the staircase.