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So has the weekday TV-free-lifestyle changed my children’s desire to watch the big black box?
No. Well, a little.
But mostly…no.
They are tolerating the electronic void very well. Now the TV is not the first thing they run to when a free moment arises, but they can definitely still get lost in pixel-land.
For example, the TV came to life on a recent Tuesday evening and the boys arrived in the family room like flies to a picnic. They sat like zombies on the couch and waited for whatever their dad was offering.
They were probably hoping for a Star Trek re-run or the latest Doctor Who episode, but they got… the Presidential debate.
The moderator faced the camera and I counted in my head, one, two, three
But they didn’t leave. I stood behind them for the first thirty minutes and could not believe my eyes.
They were paying attention.  
Who could have expected such a result from our experiment? Who would have predicted that all a parent needed to get their child interested in politics was to refuse them TV unless it was political in nature?
Andy and I stayed quiet while Grant and Sam explained things to Ian when he looked bored. Like how we couldn’t afford to go to Harry Potter World because Obama was destroying the economy…
Close enough.
As I watched them, I slowly filled with pride realized that my work was done. I had accomplished my number one goal in raising my children. Andy and I have, in fact, succeeded in breeding little republicans. 


  1. Bravo! I applaud your efforts to engage your kids in the political process. IMHO, too many people try to protect their children from it – leading to clueless twenty-somethings. I would suggest one thing (and I suspect it's already the case) but rather than raising good Republicans, raise good conservatives. 🙂 Unfortunately they are not always the same.

    • I completely agree about raising conservatives versus Republicans. I wrote the blog this way mostly for fun. I purposely left out a lot of difficult subjects that came with the kids during the debates. <br />I look at each candidate (I don&#39;t vote straight ticket) and base my votes on their beliefs/record (and yes, I do research). If a democrat ever presented a more conservative platform than

  2. Totally agree with the above statements! Our kids watched the first hour of each of the 4 debates. They have become quite the little political bugs around here. We have been quite open with explaining a multitude of things to them. The only thing we have avoided are our fears/concerns about who our president aligns himself with and who his mentors are/were, and what we believe this guy would

    • I should add….we haven&#39;t gone into detail about his ideals/mentors. We have definitely expressed to them that we have concern. Like Tony said, I don&#39;t want clueless 20-somethings. They know full well that we think he hangs with the wrong crowd, for the wrong reasons. 🙂

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