If you have spent any time around my table, you know that my family is made up of foodies. If I’m cooking, you can bet that at least one of my three boys (and definitely Hubs) is at the counter either helping or watching. Well, Hubs is watching and tasting- he claims he’s quality control.

While I can follow directions like a champ and sometimes adjust recipes, I’m not great at making things up from scratch. So I want to share some of the amazing recipes food bloggers are putting out there that my family has tried and loved. 


The first recipe up is from one of my go-to blogs for amazing desserts: The Country Cook. We made the Crescent Cherry-Cheese Cobbler and it earned rave reviews from everyone. Hubs ate most of it by himself … in one sitting. Not a problem for him since he spent two hours hoeing my garden (God love him), but for those of you who want to cut calories here are some things you can swap out:

  • light cream cheese instead of regular.
  • Splenda instead of sugar for the cream cheese filling.
  • sugar-free pie filling.
  • Use half the butter called for in the recipe, the full amount was really too much anyway.

If your family or company are not fans of cherry, swap out the fruit filling with apple, blueberry, peach or strawberry.

The flaky crust is all kinds of goodness.