We learned a great lesson from our Yellowstone trip…and no it was not the infinite number of ways to die gruesomely.
O.K., so we walked away with two lessons.
The second one was surprising, are you ready?
We can survive without TV and Wii!
For those of you who are rolling your eyes… I’m not speaking to you. I am talking to the parents who have pushed away from the computer and are wringing their trembling hands.
Yes you.
I know what you are feeling. For so many years Andy and I were in survival mode. The place young parents go when they are outnumbered by hyper children and need TV to entertain their offspring for the day an hour.
But here at the Funny Farm, we have moved past the times of picking baby food out of our hair and freeing small superheros from the depths of the toilet cough*Sam*cough. We now have three school-age kids that hijack our evenings with homework and extracurriculars.
We prepared the kids for two weeks before the blackout. Their expressions the first day of school proved that they hadn’t believed we would actually do it: No electronics on school days unless they have to be used for studies while under strict supervision.
Sam almost had a nervous breakdown the first two days. Ian actually did. There were a lot of tears… a mourning period.
The second week was easier. By the third? No complaints.
Our boys have rediscovered reading for fun, board-games, tetherball, and the all-important imagination.
Now, the sounds that fill the house on weeknights are happy ones, not laugh-reels and complaints over ninja-style abduction of the remote. Andy and I also realized that most of the behavior issues we dealt with on a daily basis stemmed from kids ignoring us or their work due to TV. The most unexpected perk? The boys are much more eager to do their chores now.
I guess feeding cows is more fun than staring at math problems, right?