The final leg of our Yellowstone trip…
Have you ever looked at Colorado’s roads on a map? You might want to use a magnifying glass. Those teeny-tiny-isty-bitsy bracket marks that say pass and have numbers next to them? Those are not jokes. They mean screw it, we can’t get you through this enormous mountain so you’re just gonna have to go over it. Yeah, the tippy top.
Yes you with the 37 feet of motor vehicle.
Traversing Colorado west of I-25 is like being strapped into the Roller Coaster of Death.
Against your will.
We came home from this vacation two months ago. I needed that span of time to recover from the trauma that is Colorado with a travel trailer. Unfortunately that time has not erased the nightmares.
We traveled through the Flaming Gorge from Wyoming into Utah. Turns out, it’s called Flaming Gorge not because of the beautiful rock colors, but because of all the RV’s flying off into the depths.
Just kidding.
Sort of.
Gorgeous scenery. Rephrase. Gorgeous, terrifying scenery that I thought would be the worst leg of the trip. Nope.


Western Colorado. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Andy had to pry my hands off the armrests.

139 from Rangley, CO to Grand Junction, CO is worse. So bad that the lifeforms inside the vehicle were silent for two hours while Andy worked the van and trailer down the side of a mountain with several turn backs.
No one spoke.
Not even Sam.
The one time I dared look away from the road, I saw all three kids gripping their seats with white knuckles.
There were no guardrails and apparently the property belongs to a rancher who doesn’t believe in fences. Because every time we turned a corner, there was a cow on the road.
I don’t know how we made it, but Andy got us through. He wanted me to take pictures, but this is how every one of them turned out:

I couldn’t even look… so I covered my eyes and flung the camera out the window with my free hand and pushed the clicker.
Be thankful they’re right side up.
We made it to Grand Junction at nightfall. The next morning we completely changed our driving plans so that we drove I-70 from Grand Junction to Denver. Interstate driving should be easy right?
Two mountain passes. Vail Pass at over 10,600 feet and the Eisenhower Tunnel at over 11,100 feet. The problem? You have to down the mountains too. So you are trying to pull a trailer straight up from 6,000 feet to those pesky passes.
I’m a non-mechanical girl and even I know that heat and engines don’t mix.
Don’t misunderstand me. Colorado is beautiful.
In a little car with a big engine.
Needless to say, we stopped and kissed the dirt of Kansas when we reached her fantastic flat-as-a-pancake landscape.
Here is a map of our trip if you are crazy enough to follow in our footsteps:)