I’m sorry for the extended time between blogs recently, things at the Funny Farm have been, well, chaotic. Great for blog material, but time consuming.
Don’t worry, I’m keeping notes 🙂
Did you know that Yellowstone has it’s own Grand Canyon
The scenery is amazing as long as you are not afraid of heights.
On day five of our awesome adventure, we spent several hours at the Upper and Lower Falls at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
We hiked a couple of miles then decided that we should allow the blood to drain back into Ian’s hand after I had gripped the life out of it. Hiking in Yellowstone is definitely at your own risk. The trails are narrow, bear-filled, and frequently perched on the side of steaming mountains.
The dirt path to Lookout Point was literally two-feet-wide and one misstep to the right meant plummeting down a thousand feet into a water fall.
If a grizzly didn’t eat you first.
Needless to say, after the first two miles, we opted for driving.  

Inspiration Point used to stretch further over the canyon wall. An earthquake in the 70’s sent the observation deck tumbling into the valley below.

See the rock jutting out past the railing? That’s where the old observation deck was…

After a long morning at the Grand Canyon, we went to the Norris Geyser Basin.

It may look pretty but it don’t smell pretty…
Emerald Spring in the Norris Geyser Basin.

Do you know what the largest geyser in Yellowstone is?
Not Old Faithful.
It’s the Steamboat Geyser. The reason you never hear about that one is because it refuses to play nice. No one has any idea when will pop it’s top.

Steamboat Geyser. Apparently you have to use your imagination.

I think this is the day I finally starting sleeping well. Exhaustion will do that to a person…