Ususally when I go to court, I have knots in my stomach, dreading what crazy twist my current case will present while I wait for hours on an extremely hard bench. But yesterday?

I had the best seat in the world.

I am a CASA.  Never heard of it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate. Fancy words for a simple idea: I am for the child.

I represent a child involved in a CPS case. I give them a voice in front of a judge. No one pays me, no one sways me.

And I frequently swim against the stream. Not because the small army of people involved in a CPS case work against the child, but because everyone else has a  job to do, adults to serve. I only think about one person- the child.

Yesterday I sat in a courtroom for a little girl who has been involved with CPS for 20 months, her whole life. Yesterday she was given a second chance, a new life. She was adopted by her amazing foster family.

Yesterday, the bang of the gavel on the block was like a door being closed. A promise being fulfilled.

Love wins.