The fun thing about camp grounds is that they frequently have playgrounds and even swimming pools. These are much appreciated by the parents who must survive the confines of vans and trailers for lengthy vacations with little ones under foot. Sam and Ian were happy to swing the second morning while Grant, Andy and I readied our hotel-room-on-wheels.
The rest of the day was spent on the road, traveling through eastern Colorado to Denver then up into Wyoming.
Andy drove the van and trailer through Wyoming during terrifying wind gusts and frequent storms  which was an experience not unlike paragliding in a hurricane. I eventually took over during a stop only to play Chinese Fire-drill fifteen minutes later when the sky turned black and the rain poured down again. I’m not sure why he didn’t think I could handle it, there were mumbled phrases like, “can barely reach the pedals” and “don’t want to die” as he settled back into the driver’s seat.
When the storms and wind finally left us, Andy and I spent a lot of time staring out at the nothingness that is south and central Wyoming. Turns out, Wyoming looks a lot like New Mexico.

“Are we there yet?”
“I think I see a…nope. Never mind. False alarm.”
“Are we there yet?”

Until you smack head-first into the mountains.
They come out of nowhere.
We traveled along the Wind River Scenic Byway, where we wound through a steep-walled canyon. We paralleled old train tracks, spying rickety tunnels made of wood and nails that disappeared into the sides of the mountains.
Then, like being shot from a gun, we were propelled out of the valley and closer to Cody, Wyoming.

Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway

The drive on day two was only ten hours and was summed up by Ian who grumbled from the backseat as he rose to exit the van, “I can’t feel my butt.”
We pulled into Yellowstone Valley RV Park around dusk and found our assigned place next to the river, in the shadow of the mountains. We made tacos on our little outdoor kitchen and lounged in the camp chairs with the sound of rushing water in the background.

View of river from camp site at Yellowstone Valley RV Park.

Nature provided the entertainment that night with a surprise meteor shower. Ian described it best when he climbed into my lap and whispered into my ear, “Momma, God sent us fireworks.”