We here at the Funny Farm can create havoc from the smallest of things, so let your imagination run with the image of us all piling in the Mystery Machine and pulling a 27-foot-long camper halfway across the country.
Oh, and we have never used, pulled, or stayed in a camper before.
Forget baby steps…
The first day, we busted out of town early in the morning knowing that we had at least twelve hours of driving. Note to self: the driving time that Google Maps calculates is for cars that can actually travel the posted speed limit, not for elephants pulling whales uphill.
The drive went pretty well, considering everything we knew about the camper had been learned on YouTube only 24 hours before take-off.
We stopped a lot for gas, averaging only 7 to 8 gallons per mile. There were some close calls while trying to maneuver around the fuel pumps- wanting to avoid the big balls o’ flames that can occur after side-swipes by RV newbies.
We drove through Texas, Oklahoma, and ended the day in Limon, Colorado at a KOA Campground.
Watching Andy and Grant as they attempted their first RV hookup in the waning light was good, wholesome entertainment. Good thing ’cause we didn’t have a T.V. 
We felt truly accomplished as we all piled into our prospective beds that night. Andy commandeered most of our mattress since it was only long enough to hold him above the shins. Thankfully I am an adaptable person, because I spent the rest of the ten days sleeping in a coffin-sized space so that dear hubby could sleep diagonally. I also learned how to take ice-cold showers, and share one port-o-potty-sized bathroom with 4 males.
Good times.