We try to take a family vacation every year, but as you can imagine, five people bring at least five opinions to the table in the discussion about where to go.
Grant and I are beach bums. Set us in front of an ocean for seven days and we still don’t want to go home.
Ian and Sam are theme-park junkies.
And Andy? Well he is a national park/ history buff. We nary pass a battlefield that doesn’t end up as an unintentional stop with a picture of the kiddos posing next to a cannon.
Last year the family indulged Grant and I with a week of pure bliss on the beach and nights of grilling fresh saltwater fish under the stars. Heaven.
This year…it was Andy’s turn. He chose Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.
As we pulled out the maps, 7 states worth, we could see that the drive alone was going to take 6 days.
Further research brought up the subject of grizzly bears and the mention of bear spray. To this, Sam walked away mumbling, “Why can’t we be a normal family and go to Legoland?”
To which I replied, “Why would you want to go stare at plastic blocks when you could be mauled by a mountain lion?”
If  looks could kill that boy would be serving a life sentence.
The trip was so long and yielded so many stories that I will be writing a blog for each day of our trip. I will include lots of information for those of you crazy enough to try to follow in our footsteps.
For now, a picture to wet your appetites.

A view of the upper and lower falls at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.