“Okay boys, time for your final project for Zoology.”

“Awesome, what are we doing?”

I clapped my hands together in excitement. “We’re making a worm farm!”


More silence.

Youngest looked at me with horror in his eyes. “I’m outta here.”

“Me too!” Middle Son took off after Youngest.

I’m not sure where I went wrong. Don’t boys love dirt and creepy crawly things?

You’re thinking I felt sorry for them and gave up, right?


Wormery Instructions

First, we drilled holes in the bottom of an 18 gallon plastic tub.


Youngest boarded the wormery train when I told him he could use the drill.

Next, we put a couple of miniature terracotta pots in the bottom of another 18 gallon plastic tub to act as risers. Then we put a thin layer of dirt in the tub and added the worms.


We placed the drilled tub inside of the bottom tub and added a thin layer of vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and used tea bags.



We will add more food and newspaper weekly.

Finally, we added a layer of shredded newspaper on top of the food scraps and locked the lid on the top tub.



Now we wait for the worms to travel between the two tubs, via the holes, and turn it all into glorious castings to use in the garden. As the top tub fills, we can add another tub on top. We can also add another tub on the bottom to catch water run-off to use as fertilizer.

The possibilities are endless!

Maybe I’m a little too excited about the worm farm. Maybe I’ve been around boys too long …