Communing with nature used to mean hiking 2 miles up hill both ways, as the only girl on a male-filled camping trip, to find something that resembled a toilet.
Now it means stirring my iced coffee on the porch swing and watching barn swallows fight over who is going to sit on the eggs.
Ah. The good life.
The porches have been filled with caterpillars and the siding has been playing host to dozens of chrysalises. I love to identify the little squigglers as they race across the wooden boards. In fact, I would much rather spend my time allowing caterpillars to climb my arms than do dishes.
So I do.
I have been able to identify and watch both Mourning Cloaks and Tiger Moths emerge this Spring. Soon to come? The Painted Ladies and Monarchs! The toads are just starting to appear around the house and the mornings are heralded by the gobble-gobbles of wild turkeys.
A few mornings ago, Andy was drinking his coffee on the back porch when one such Thanksgiving delicacy took a stroll on our driveway. He raced into the house to get his hunting rifle only to skid to a stop in the kitchen and smack himself on the forehead shouting, “I don’t have a turkey license!”
Boy was he grumpy after that light-bulb moment.  
He sprawled on the outdoor couch and mumbled incoherently to himself for the next 30 minutes as the turkey paraded just below him- seemingly aware that he could not be touched.
Thankfully I have not found any more dead rabbits in the refrigerator, but that may be due to the boys and I warning every naive rabbit we see hopping along not to get too close.

Mourning Cloak emerging from chrysalis.
Another Mourning Cloak chrysalis.
Ian with Woolly Bear caterpillar.
If you look past the pool to the trees, you can see the turkey on his stroll.